Forensic Proof That Google Is A Cult:

Google was created to become the best-of-the-best, in mind-control, for social and political manipulation.

Steven Hassan, renown cult interdiction specialist and the author of " Combating Cult Mind Control" says:
"...there are universal patterns of manipulation; someone who's skilled (ie: Google) can figure out how to systematically and incrementally manipulate you into a vulnerable isolated place (like your computer screen) and start to control your information, control your behavior, control your make you dependent and obedient. There are millions of people in mind control cults like this..."

The biggest lie ever told is the one that you tell yourself when you say that "subliminal messages and digital mind control have no effect on you". They do! The more you deny it, the better it works on you.

The young employees of Google are chosen for their naive and impressionable characteristics and then, as with Facebook, immersed in a synthetic bubble of ideological echo-chambering in order to push the precepts of the "Google Youth".