By Conners Lee

The Plaintiffs trying to seek justice for the malicious media character assassinations performed by the Democratic National Committee’s attack tools: Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media, and Jalopnik have an extra hurdle to cross. The Judge in the case is a Hillary loving, DNC-backing person who has a tremendous conflict-of-interest in the case.

The law (and common sense) would seem to dictate that the Judge should have removed himself from all of the related cases long ago. This has not happened. The New York Judge is massively conflicted-out of the case and is staying on for the exclusive purpose of protecting the DNC by keeping as much of the case hidden as possible.

Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media, and Jalopnik are the Obama White House attack dogs from the John Podesta School of Revenge. Hillary Clinton and her army of Fake News devils also pay Gawker – Gizmodo – Jalopnik to run character assassinations on their enemies, as does Fusion GPS.

There can be no doubt, in fact it is common knowledge, that Gawker – Gizmodo – Jalopnik work for the DNC. The case evidence so far proves it. Judge Bernstein keeps sealing all of the documents in order to delay the eventual press revelations about who Gawker – Gizmodo – Jalopnik really are. DNC financiers Pierre Omidyar, Eric Schmidt and Elon Musk give cash and other remuneration to Gawker – Gizmodo – Jalopnik.

It is too late for that Judge Bernstein.

The public can read many of the gory details at

The really good stuff is sealed by the Judge but you can still see it if you go to the offices of Prime Clerk and request all of the sealed and off-line documents and transcripts from the case ( Go To Prime Clerk, 830 3rd Avenue, 9th Floor, NY, NY). By law they have to let you review it.

Law Firm E & E Legal has been winning some related cases in New York. Their lawsuits have proven that the top justice officials in New York, including the Attorney General, conspired with the DNC to rig “Climate Change” deals to pass cash off to their DNC buddies in an exotic green-funding money laundering scam.

Every person around Judge Bernstein has been implicated in rigging the justice system to cover-up DNC embezzlement and election rigging crimes. Why is Judge Bernstein “exempt”?