Google's and Facebook's Algorithm’s Kill Society

By Susan Lee - Teacher

The famous self-promoting billionaires of Silicon Valley ( Marc Benioff, Reed Hastings, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, John Doerr, etc.) have set out to tell children what to think and which political party to join.

The billionaires say they are “philanthropists”. Experts say they are “delusional versions of technology Hitler’s...”

Some experienced teachers said it was preposterous to think that algorithms could be better than skilled teachers at adapting to students’ abilities. “What you are seeing right now is a heavy push to disrupt and diminish the role of teachers as experts,” said Arienne Adamcikova, a high school teacher in San Mateo, Calif.

A report from Harvard University’s Center for Education Policy Research concluded that if those students had more effective teachers even without the technology, “then we might be falsely attributing” student achievement gains “to the software, rather than to the teacher.”

The billionaire’s “school’s” got the comment: “It looks more like a Google or a Facebook than a school,” said Diane Tavenner, chief executive of Summit Public Schools, a nonprofit charter-school network that runs the school. Google and Facebook are widely acknowledged to be Silicon Valley brain-washing and propaganda operations to steer the public towards the kind of profiteering that the DNC hordes.

Mr. Zuckerberg recently told a major academic audience. “Giving a billion students a personalized education is a great thing to do.” What he really means is the McDonald’s playgrounds-at-burger-joints concept of “Get ‘em while they are young and you can addict them for life”.

These billionaires live in glass bubbles in which they all read the same media, share the same call girls and rent boys, go to the same parties and travel on private jets. They self-delude together into believing that robots and rocket ships are the key to the future.

Every single one of them has pitched the same child brain capture plan to the CIA and NSA and received millions of dollars in contracts from those firms. The robots they want to create tomorrow are your children today.

They are using their Algorithm’s to seek to turn your children into brain-dead automatons who perform for their pedo-circus. Almost every major pedo arrest lately has been linked to the Democrats. Are these really the people you want around your kids? They should be banned from having any involvement in the education system.

Even if a couple of these guys are not delusional sociopath billionaires, they are, at least programmers. Programmers generally live in basements, grow neck-beards, are incapable of understanding society and can only see the world as zero’s and one’s. These kinds of people are the least qualified to craft young children into adults.

Imagine a future of fat, neck-beard herds, thundering across the plains of middle America like cattle, glaze-eyed wandering the land looking for a keyboard!

Mark Zuckerberg claims that he had no idea that the CIA and NSA get copies of everything a person does on Facebook. He claims that he had no idea that Facebook spies on everything you do. He clams that he is not Pro-Muslim and that Facebook does not rig elections for the candidates that he gives billions of dollars to.

OK, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, for discussion sake.

Even if he did not know all of that was going on, he has proven every day that his world is viewed through a warped lens of twisted Silicon Valley sex, political bribery and a hatred of half of the population of the United States. Thus, you have to ask, should he be allowed any where near our kids with his software?

The most dangerous thing society can do is turn its education system over to the software and the perverse agenda’s of Marc Benioff, Reed Hastings, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, John Doerr and the deviants of Silicon Valley!