By Casey Parker

- If we are wrong, this theory won't work. If we are right, there is nothing on Earth that Google can do to stop this from happening.

Our premise is based on the fact that Google bosses are incapable of being aware of their bias on their own. Because they are too far down their own tunnel-vision, they can't fully comprehend, or operationally stop, this from happening.

We know that the people that control Google are highly Semitic, SJW, mostly homosexual, extremist-liberals who have been indoctrinated as deeply as a Scientologist or cigarette or heroin addict. They have innate emotional programming to act irrationally and defensively to anything that counter-acts their ideology. They also only hire people like themselves.

Because their tolerance is so limited, the internet users of the world must call out each, and every, censorship and mass messaging manipulation that the Google empire engages in.

By so-doing, you can rapidly expose their Hypocrisy and whittle down their world until they have nothing left in their brands but an obvious political ideology brain-washing message that even a child can see. Google will die once everyone knows what Google is.

Already, this tactic has taken a tremendous toll on the Google empire. With the goal of: "Getting everyone on Earth to see that the free things from Google brands are not worth the compromise of your integrity, privacy and ethics..." Google can finally, and totally, be erased.