You are under surveillance and investigation by millions of well resourced web connected voters, some of the top journalists in the world and all of the non-corrupt law enforcement officials. It is called Peer-to-Peer Forensic Crowd Interdiction. They have already begun your interdictions.

You engaged in criminally illicit corruption, cover-ups, payola, insider trading and policy rigging.

These interdiction efforts by the public are 100% legally and there is nothing on Earth you can do to halt these efforts except resign today and offer to become a “State’s Evidence” testimony witness.

If you have a copy of this notice then you can assume that your name is already on the List.

Hundreds of corrupt public officials have now been terminated since the purge efforts began in 2009. You are a fool if you think you are immune. You are an idiot if you think you have some sort of “invisible cloak of corruption”. Every single day a shocking new set of revelations ends the career or some, now notorious, well known political figure. Are you blind to the sequence of events?

If you think you hid your deeds in private texts, whispered restaurant conversations, secret home servers, the back seats of Uber and Lyft, closed doors in the back room or Cayman Islands hotel rooms YOU COULD NOT BE MORE MISTAKEN!

Every trust fund that you and your family own has been tracked.

Every Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and other I-Bank account you and your family own has been tracked and cross referenced to every political action you participated in that resulted in valuation increases to those accounts.

Every stock market account you and your family own has been tracked and cross referenced to every political action you took that might have increased the valuation of those stocks. Every sale of stock you engaged in is being analyzed for “pump-and-dump” illegality.

Every off-shore account in Switzerland, the Caymans, Brazil and all of your other hiding places has been tracked and databased on fully resourced tracking databases.

Every person you ever communicated with on a dating site is being contacted and any abuse, sexual misdeeds and lies documented and reported. Dating sites sell their user data and all of their server records, since inception, are available to investigators and law enforcement with a few clicks.

The Russians, Chinese, activists and bored teens have been entering the electronic device back doors on every router and consumer electronics device for decades and vacuuming up every record and file on every corporate and government network. Now they sell, or freely provide, those records to every public-interest law suit litigant to help them sue corrupt politicians and their financiers.

If you ever beat a woman, it will be uncovered and reported.

While the FBI, NSA, SEC, DOJ and other enforcement agencies have been clearly documented and proven to have had corrupt officers in their organizations, it only takes a single non-corrupt “Elliot Ness”-type law enforcement officer to arrest you. You would be a fool to believe, in spite of the agency corruption, that there is not one federal law enforcement officer with the balls to haul you in. In fact, any voter has the legal right to place you under citizens arrest, hand you the records of the crimes against you, and remand you to the FBI under record and under video documentation.

Hundreds of thousands of new non-main-stream, non-party-controlled, non-corporate owned news outlets have been created and they now reach the majority of the voting public. Hundreds of thousands of new voters are invited to these sites every hour, around the world. These news sites are exposing you and exposing the “Main Stream Fake News” that you thought you controlled.

There is no under-age sex scheme that you are involved in that will not be found out and exposed.

There is no male or female prostitute that you used that will not be found out and exposed.

There are no abuse charges in your divorce filings and other documents that will not be uncovered.

There is no intern that you sexually abused that will not be protected when they tell their story about you.

For major anti-corruption lawsuit efforts we had to find the hidden money that corrupt Silicon Valley political financing billionaires had spent billions of dollars to hide. How hard was it to peel the skins off of Google’s onion? Thanks to modern law enforcement and intelligence technology, it was not hard at all.

The fluency and practice of piercing the corporate veil & alter ego liability shields of political manipulation bosses such as George Soros, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Elon Musk and their colleagues,has become increasingly important in recent years due to changes in the law and business cycles.

As more small taxpayers need to collect on debts and judgments, it is increasingly critical for practitioners to be fluent with the cutting-edge techniques and best tools to pierce & dissolve the corporate veil, as well as determine alter ego liability. The growing number of bankruptcies, foreclosures, and judgments has dramatically increased the need for forensic experts proficient in the science of effective judgment enforcement and asset recovery against the Silicon Mafia collection of corrupt California tech companies.

Ie: Any Department of Energy employer or contractor can now be sued, lose their home and have the courts transfer all of their assets to you!

It is critical for action groups to understand the best strategies to suck dry the corporate assetsin judgments for creditors and how to sue individual State and Federal workers.

You can now begin piercing of the Google corporate veil, navigating complex determinations on corporate liability, strategies involving legal alter ego, and breaking open both corporate & personal liability with your home computer.

We use tools that not only include, but exceed, the capabilities of XKEYSCORE, Palantir, Taleo, Bitcoin Trace, PayPal Trace, VISA Trace, D&B Insider, Gust-Scan, and hundreds of other executive asset tracking and intelligence engines.

Top areas covered in new trainings by many action groups now include:

Veil Protection Strategies and How to Bust Them

Liabilities for the Obligations of the Entity That Wilson Sonsini Created For Google & Tesla and How We Busted Through Them In Less Than 24 Hours

Best Practices in Litigating the Veil Piercing Case in a Gawker Media-Like Laundering Operation

Snagging Veil Piercing Problems & Fraudulent Conveyances With Sting Operations

What Creditor's & Debtor's Counsel Needs to Know About How Dire Their Situations Are In the 2017 Information Age

Forming Corporate Entities to Diminish Liability But Having Them Used Against You As Evidence

Understanding the Alter Ego of Insane Silicon Valley Billionaires

Cutting-edge Issues involving Reverse Veil Piercing and How To Do It

Developments in Veil Protection Penetration Using Help From the FBI

When is the Corporation Liable? NEVER with our resources!

Connecting the Separate "Personalities" of the Corporation & Shareholders

From the underlying substantive law to practical aspects of asset protection planning (i.e., what works and what does not), new groups are teaching the public everything they need to know about dissolving corporate and executive asset protection like butter on a frying pan.

From Gawker to Enron and from Solyndra to Nigerian War Lords, From Steven Chu and Eric Holder to Brian Goncher and Steve Jurvetson; taxpayers are now only a few mouse clicks away from the deepest family trust fund hide-aways and the darkest sexual services transactional relationship disclosure.

The public can now see how to uncover assets from tort plaintiffs, lenders, government entities and other creditors, hidden in thousands of corporations, partnerships, LLCs and offshore entities. Our distinguished CIA-FBI-NSA-Class staff will cover specific approaches and solutions, including the most effective tactics, best practices, and the cutting-edge strategies to peel an Eric Schmidt or a John Doerr open like a Taco.

The public is learning various ways, from the very simple to the very sophisticated, to expose specific assets of State and Federal corrupt employees and illicit contractors: houses, bank and brokerage accounts, private islands, billionaire bunkers, hookers with billionaires homes in their names, rent-boy services, rental real estate, businesses and professional practices and retirement plans.

Sue Obama? Yes! He is now a private, corrupt citizen!

Taxpayers are now given a treatise on asset protection uncovering as well as an exhaustive reference source for many of taxpayers investigative needs as well as outlines and diagrams of interdiction planning techniques and structures. Nationally recognized instructors share many real life case histories and anecdotes online to readily illustrate the effectiveness of various structures. Every taxpayer is now able to easily acquire the most effective strategies and latest law in destroying all corrupt asset protection for the criminal titans.

Additional Areas Covered:

Practical Goals and Limitations of Asset Protection – Google bosses were never as safe as their consultanrs told them they were

Picking the Right Structure to Trick an Oligarch Into Incriminating himself

Understanding Fraudulent Transfers and How To Get Their Relatives To Disclose Them

Effectively Planning for Possible Challenges From Their Corrupt CPA’s

Practical Implications for Planning

Corporations v. LLC’s & LP’s

Busting Multi-Entity Structures For The Fake Steathing of Business Assets

Dealing with Successor Liability; Get The Money From The Next Guy

Using Check the Box Election As Incrimination Evidence

Charging Order Protection and Tearing It Apart

Best Practices on Picking the Right Jurisdiction• Single Member LLCs, Poison Pills and Criminal Back-Dating

Interactive Question & Answer Session

Every bad and immoral thing you did yesterday will be on the lead stories in the Wall Street Journal tomorrow.

No matter how many of your friends you gather around your lunch-room table at Rayburn to self-delude with your little echo-chamber denial conversations you must gather a new perspective. From a satellite view your lunch table is barely a spec on the map. Visualize the 300 million Americans on that map, across the USA, that hate your guts for raping their government and you will realize what your lunch-table rationalizations will be swamped in 2.7 seconds if America focuses on it.

You are DONE!