RUSSIANS: 'Using The Same Assets Owned By Google, Facebook and Twitter We Could Rig Any Election In The World Or Destroy Any Society On Earth'

By Shelly Sunsion

,..So Why Should We Trust Google, Facebook and Twitter To Not Already Be Doing That For The Crazies at the DNC?


If you go to the Google buildings near the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California you will see something bizarre.

Go there and walk around at lunch time, or at the end of the work day. You will notice that almost everyone is very young, very stupid looking (with that kind of deer-in-the-headlights Scientology sort of look), tattooed and Millennial.

They may be able to write some HTML but they clearly have no idea how life works. The naivete of these starry-eyed kids is overt. They are the sheep.

You don't see Jared Cohen, Yasmin Green, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt wandering around the Google 7-11. They are up in the fancy offices handing out orders to the managers of these hapless workers.

The bosses of these companies are driven by payback for perceived Semitic wrongs, greed, covert gay sex clubs and power lust... lots and lots of power lust.

With the sort of hate and ANTIFA-like rhetoric espoused at their social gatherings, you would have to be daft to not assume that Jared Cohen, Yasmin Green, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt would rush to the opportunity to rig elections and a society that they disdain.

It is NO ACCIDENT that GOOGLE, FACEBOOK and TWITTER are affecting the politics, elections and Dark Money kickbacks in the nations of the world that they can get to.

Don't be a fool and think that they are not!