Somebody Just Leaked Every Phone Number and Address on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop: 639 Politicians and Media Personalities Doxxed

 Alisha Sherron
Former congressman Anthony Weiner’s old haunts are coming back into the spotlight once again after he was arrested and sentenced to 21 months in prison for sexting a minor. A list recently released to the public contains information on all of Anthony Weiner’s contacts; names, addresses, work, and so forth. The kicker? All of this information was released straight from Weiner’s laptop, which is currently being held under evidence by the FBI. 
It’s important to note that we are not trying to “witch hunt” anyone, and this information is not meant for you to do the same. We are not interested in doxxing these individuals, rather we are interested in reporting on the doxxing list that was released, potentially by a rogue FBI agent. This laptop is under FBI surveillance and the reason we know this is because they found emails sent between him and Hillary Clinton back when the email scandal was all anyone ever talked about. Who else but someone in the FBI would have released this? We aren’t saying that it’s definitely a member of the FBI, but who else could possibly be responsible?   
Now, on to the list. There is a grand total of 639 individuals who are having their private information exposed for all the world to see. People such as:
Rabbi Arturo Valenzuela.
Al Gore.
Hillary Clinton. 
Terry McAuliffe, the former Governor who said of the Clinton family, “We are best friends.”
John Podesta.
Tamera Luzzatto, the woman who previously wrote disturbing emails to John Podesta and operated a website where she solicited children in many inappropriate ways. From hot time with adults for “entertainment purposes” to just being an all-around creep, it’s no surprise that someone like Anthony Weiner would associate themselves with a known pedophile. 
George Soros. Of course. Perhaps he had hoped he could get some sort of “get out of jail free card” since Soros is known to throw his money at absolute scum. 
Also on the list are names like Jake Tapper, Greta Van Sustren, and even a few Rothschild’s thrown in there. The list is archived, probably so that Hillary Clinton couldn’t send someone to delete it. Again, who if not someone from the FBI, could have possibly released this information? The FBI are the only ones who have access to his computer so unless someone can out hack the FBI, we have a rogue agent on our hands.