The DNC Is Creating The Anti-Gun Riots To Drum Up Votes To Keep Nancy Pelosi In Power So She Can Keep Steering Stock Profits To Her Bank Account

These kids are pawns for the DNC . Their march is being organized by ''Everytown for Gun Safety''. They are directly funded by ''ActBlue'' which is the DNC.

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Everytown for Gun Safety

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How Young Is Too Young for Protest? A National Gun-Violence Walkout Tests Schools

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Know the players behind March For Our Lives, including who organizes it and who funds it.

This isn’t as “spontaneous” and “student-driven” as the Media wants you to believe.

Note to CIA: Why don't you do what you do best and take Soros out. What the hell are you waiting for. Gitmo is too good for him.

You know, its almost as if Soros gets a pass for funding terrorism/anti American sentiment. Why would that be? He is "ONE" man. Not a country. We could EASILY take him out. But we dont. We dont even label him a "Wanted" criminal. Do certain people just NOT want us to know they are part of a bigger effort to put the U.S. into a cuckhold by destroying the Constitution?

Absolutely. There are so many tentacles to this Beast. Research Agenda 21-30

soros is their boss...

The CIA is whistling a different tune since Trump sent 2,000 Marines to CIA headquarters in Langley about 5 months back they made arrest and confiscated laptop's and documents then Trump put Pompeii in there to clean up the mess Pompeo is now heading to the State Department to clean up that s*** hole.

George Soros - "The Cancer of Western Civilization" - The World will be a Much Better Place when he is no longer funding the Globalist, Anarchists and his own Evil-Self-Interest Groups! 

I fear his son will be worse

Took one look at that Katz lady and could swear I heard the Hava Nagila playing faintly in the distance.

They did the same here, it's playing out the same way. Dunblane was a false flag, evidence and witness statements are still classified for another 100 years.

And Clooney , Jolie , Oprah all will be running ( and win).   All a production. 

This video will explain everything going on right now they used the Same tactic to start prohibition make weed illegal and other stuff it's def worth the watch

HRC = Failed

BLM = Failed

METOO = Failed

RUSSIA = Failed

So now lets kill a few kids and use their pain and fear to fuel up try number 5, or have I missed any?

i posted this on twitter, i hope you do not mind, if you do, i will remove it. powerful info.

huh.  I would have expected CAIR to dump in a bundle.  What could be better for the muzzies than the whiteys turning in their guns... 

GUN shaming for gawds sake  

Have your (((KATZ))) spayed or neutered. Or gassed.

The Gun Grabby Tenny Boppy March?
It's grass roots! Monsanto Style! :D

i didn't read your rundown on the backers for the march, but let me look at the tea leaves. I see a hollowed out sub human, a vampire, a jew, a traitor to his own, his name is, not satan, perhaps ass, not that....soros