The U.S. Dept. of Energy Was Used As Hard-Wired Political Slush Fund To

Pay-off Campaign Billionaires and Destroy Their Competitors

California Senators and Washington agency chiefs are on the hot seat for a trillion dollar-plus political corruption case which abused taxpayers nation-wide and the public policy system over-all. You will remember the Solyndra FBI-raid and the amazing failures of more Department of Energy-funded “green energy” companies (in a matter of two years) than ever in U.S. history. It turns out they were all owned by the same handful of men who used them as a stock market pump-and-dump scam.

Senators Reid and Feinstein, White House staff and Dept. of Energy executives had insider trading deals with Silicon Valley tech billionaires. They used Google and Gawker Media to attack witnesses, destroy competitors and rig the news in their favor while exploiting illicit mining and stock market crony corruption deals. The only "Green" thing they were interested in was the cash! They had "hard-wired" the DOE money, in advance, for the campaign financiers and simply used/defrauded the non-crony applicants as a smoke-screen to hide their scam while monopolizing markets in a scheme agreed to with Rahm Emanual, David Axelrod, David Plouffe and their Cartel.

The victims of these politician-sponsored crimes demand justice and restitution for the fraud, harassment and interference they suffered. These citizens must be compensated for the malicious, proven, retribution tactics, lies, toxic poisonings, vendetta cut-offs of all government benefits, vendetta cut-offs of all employment and revenue sources, interference, "missing hard drives" and interdiction efforts conducted, with applicants own tax dollars, against the applicants. Say the victims: neither they, nor their families, staff and associates will rest until justice prevails.

In this election year, the public demands the arrest of the corrupt. Justice demands resolution, or the repercussions will only continue to accelerate and amplify. This crime continues to this day. The cover-ups continue to this day. The attacks on the victims and losses by the victims continue to this day.

These were felony crimes that the DOJ has been told not to act on because arrests will cause “political embarrassment”. Seriously?!

These days, voters want more political embarrassment of the corrupt and less “political correctness” and cover-ups. Without justice and restitution for the victims, it destroys American voters faith in The System. The taxpayers have lost trillions of their dollars, and public services, because of this corruption. Famous Senators and White House staff who benefited from the crimes, are operating the cover-up. Evidence now proves that the Obama staff ordered DOJ, FBI, SEC, FCC, FTC, OSC and the AG to "Take no action on this investigation" in an overt set of orders to illegally operate a cover-up. That is not acceptable to the public.

The definition of “politics” is: “The process in which a man fights with another man to see which man, and his friends, will get to put your tax money in their pockets.”

Representation of taxpayers in Washington, DC has become almost entirely about making fake “laws” which direct U.S. Treasury cash to one side or another. In the “Cleantech Crash” incident, this process stooped to the level of mobster-ism and organized crime.

At least one alliance of the victims of what 60 Minutes calls: “The Cleantech Crash”, sent letters this week to The California Senators and Washington politicos who are supposed to clean up the Cleantech Crash. Part of the letter reads:

...As you are by now aware, all of these communications have been placed on permanent public record either by our filings or by state-sponsored hackers who have been publicly reported to have entered and copied your agency’s servers for a number of years.

We will no longer accept your refusal to do your jobs by way of your office’s “BS” claim “that this is outside of our purview”, or by finger-pointing to some other agency, stone-walling, slow-walking, or losing your files or hard-drives. We, and the rest of the 300+ million citizens, pay you to work for us and we were told and expect you to work for us and protect and serve us.

You were not hired by us to simply run cover-ups for some criminally corrupt Silicon Valley campaign finance billionaires.

Waiting us out and thinking this will “all just go away” has proven to be an epically false assumption on your part. Your attack dog, Gawker Media, who you used to put a hit-job on us, has has been taken down. Holder, Gibbs, Chu, Seward, Solyndra, Abound, etc. have all been shut down. Every person and company that organized and operated the CleanTech Crash Crimes has been identified, targeted, placed under investigation and/or had criminal charges filed against them.

Our first lawsuits have made political history and set legal precedents, and they will never end until we get restitution and justice.

As we have proven, we can, and will sue your agency executives PERSONALLY for corruption and will not hesitate to name each agency executive in RICO filings.

In other words, you must now come to the table with a restitution and justice proposal for the victims of these crimes. We have become witnesses and provided testimony to James Comey, David Johnson, Patricia Rich and others at the FBI, as well as the EU, GAO, SEC, FTC and U.S. Congress.

Without breaking a single law, and WITH the help of intelligence and law enforcement agents, we will take this to the mat. As massively documented at , , and thousands of backup evidence and internet test sites and torrents, we have placed around the globe, the evidence is now indisputable.

Do your job for the American people!

How much will your agency slot out of your discretionary budget for our restitution and/or whistle-blower rewards? We will make certain that every voter knows your answer prior to the election.

We are done putting up with your delays and cover-ups. The voters are done putting up with your delays and cover-ups.

How will you serve us as our legally and morally obligated government representative and protector? Time is running out….”

So it looks like the do-nothing politicians did nothing for a little too long. Now, they need to do something to fix this..and before the 2016 Election!


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