Using Mood Induction Procedures in Mass Silicon Valley Political Manipulation

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The article deals with the issue of experimental use of mood induction procedures (MIPs), in particular the induction of anger, fear and sadness. Three techniques were utilized during the research on the sample of 41 university students using the “blind” experimental setting. The setting includes presentation of emotional stimuli for sadness induction (emotional film clips), manipulative strategy for anger induction (interaction with human confederate) and real-life situation for induction of fear (examination situation). The paper also briefly presents the research EH (Emotionality in Handwriting, the Institute of Psychology of Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno, 2010) which is a follow-up to a study focused on the effects of a given emotional state on formal parameters of handwriting (on metric characteristics of handwriting). Apart from general commentary on induction methods, the design of the EH experiment is described, including description of each mood induction procedure method, course of the experimental setting and summary of results obtained from participants by self-description scales. The research results are also significant in that the emotional changes studied may provide vital information on behavioural and personality characteristics. This subject has been for a long time more or less neglected by current research tendencies. The article also provides a commentary on possibilities of development of the method within psychological disciplines.